Rebecca West

Integrative Counsellor

Hello and Welcome! My name is Rebecca West and it is a privilege to have you visit my counselling service today. Whether you have had counselling before or this is your first time, I applaud you for taking the first step towards getting support. Put simply, counselling is a safe and confidential space to explore your feelings. You could be feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, or all of the above. Whatever the issue, let us begin a conversation and start to navigate how to get you the best support on your counselling journey. 

Areas of Expertise

Art & Play Therapy,
SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability),
Phone Consultation.
1. One to one counselling with young adult / adolescent / child. 
2. One to one counselling with parent. 
3. Phone consultations with parents.
4. Phone consultations with caring professionals, e.g teachers, carers, nurses. 

Contact Me

To book an appointment or to ask me any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the following or use the friendly chat box to keep the conversation flowing! 

Tel: 07904969618


Due to current lockdown regulations all sessions will be done online and on the phone for the time being, so that you can still get the support you need safely and securely. 

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