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My service provides a safe space for young people, parents and caring professionals to be supported so that they can begin to thrive. For the last 10 years, I have worked with vulnerable young adults, children and their families through a variety of capacities. I have worked as a school counsellor, DSL (Designated Safeguarding Lead ) a carer for young adults with special needs, a TA for autistic children and a mentor for teenagers, young adults and their parents through my local church.  

My Values

to support

you in your counselling journey with practical and emotional support.

to learn

from your life story and share my expertise to best support you.

to commit

to our therapeutic relationship from start to finish and to maintain a safe and empathic space for you to be heard. 


Counselling & Phone Consultation

I am a fully trained integrative counsellor, which means I have a broad toolkit of therapeutic support to work from. I offer both traditional face to face talking therapy, online therapy and phone consultations. Fundamentally, I believe in the power of simply listening to your story, your challenge, your dream and helping you achieve and move through your area of need. My core model of working comes from both a psychodynamic and humanistic perspective. This simply means in order to understand why we are the way we are now, I believe, we must look at our past self to then move into healing our present self. 

Art & Play Therapy 

At university I studied graphic design at UCA which gave me the opportunity to express and develop my creativity. In addition to this, I have also worked with YMCA and Place2Be, where I learnt how to combine art, play and therapy together. This type of therapy gives you the freedom to communicate your feelings through play and creativity which can be a powerful tool for both children and adults. Whether this be through drawing, painting or moulding with clay, it can be a deeply profound and freeing expression of our emotions. 

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

I have a particular passion and understanding of the challenges clients with SEND and their families face because of my own brother having autism. I want to use my counselling skills to hear and support you  because I feel there are few and far between therapeutic spaces for you to be seen and heard. I champion you!  

Watercolor Painting
My Approach
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