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Summer ? now what ?

Summer holidays in lockdown and how to cope .. minus the airport

Time to reflect

You may relate to how I am feeling today, it is the last day of the school year but instead of feeling that sense of mad momentum towards the final week of term, I feel it has been a bit of an anti climax. None of the final year assemblies, none of the goodbye and good luck for next year and no final serenade down to the local pub for a few final drinks.

You may as a young person or parent feel disappointed, angry, confused and apprehensive of all this long summer space to fill from now until August. We have been disconnected from the rhythms of education since March and the premature ending of the school year may be hitting you now as we collectively reflect on the grief and trauma of all our lives being ground to a holt.

Space to grieve

You may not know this but what we have ALL been through is grief AND trauma since Covid - 19 hit. Some of you will have had the trauma of contracting the virus, loosing a loved one or having to be suddenly separated from those you love. We have all lost something in this virus, our freedom, health, finances and so much more.

It is so important to give yourself space to first acknowledge this loss and second respond to it.

Here are a few ways to do this:

CONNECT - who can you speak to or meet up with that makes you feel safe and heard?

REFLECT - You could process your emotions through journalling, talking, exercising and creating.

GIVE - Giving allows us to feel part of something bigger than us but don't forget to give self - care to yourself first. You could do this through signing up to volunteer group in your community or allowing yourself to indulge in a good movie.

Get a routine

I love a routine because it is so practical to apply and so grounding when we feel so all over the place. Routines allow us to feel in control when we have had to surrender so much control in the last few months and makes us feel we have a planned purpose each day which motivates us to feel confident and valued.

Here are a few tips in creating one:

VISIBLE - unless it is on paper, computer or white board it does not exist, so make it seen which will then motivate you to stick to it.

BALANCED - make it doable and diverse, don't make it your endless to do list and don't make it feel like hard work. Make it mixed with exercise, socials, holidays, activities and rest. * Bonus tip *

insert blank spaces where you decide on the day what you feel like doing. Luxurious!

ACHIEVABLE - be realistic with how much you can do each week, avoid piling on lots of dar dar ideas that just make you stressed. Put in the big definite plans but be flexible and kind to yourself with how much you can manage day to day. It is not a competition or opportunity for you to smash all your life goals in one summer, rather, it is a supportive guide that should make you feel excited, motivated and most importantly WELL RESTED!


Remember... have FUN!

Whether you feel this summer is written off or your just looking forward to closing the door and sleeping for eternity, have lots and lots of FUN! Laugh big, create beautifully, seek out a new landscape, eat whole heartedly and look after you and others wonderfully!

Stay Safe, Stay Kind, Stay Blessed!

Becky West

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