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We are all on a journey

Counsellors are just people to you know.

Porthleven, Cornwall, August 2020

We all have mental health

It is easy to believe that those professionals we see for help have it all together but actually your doctor, your therapist, your personal trainer and your teacher are ALL just regular humans who have all gone through and may still be going through personal battles.

I myself have gone through hard times with my own mental health and still have seasons where I can feel anxious or depressed. It is important as a professional therapist to own this reality in order for me to truly connect with those I support. If I am disconnected from my own mental health, I stop empathising with the pain my client is in and I block an authentic connection being bridged. Equally, if I am also not honestly owning when my mental health is fragile, I may be putting my own self - care at risk and thus not be able to offer my best self to my clients.

As my tutors taught me, we are ALL wounded healers all trying to do the best we can. So lets break the facade that some of us are just stronger than others and let us begin to be brave enough to admit we are not always Okay and that is OKAY.

Porthleven, Cornwall, August 2020

We are not all that different

My journey to becoming a counsellor seemed to come out of an innate love of simply helping people become the best they could be. I have always been in professions that require me to physically or emotionally support others and I believed that the power I had inside me was enough to give someone a bit more hope, confidence or support than they had before. So I figured I needed to train my skills up and counselling seemed like a perfect fit!

It turns out that the journey of becoming a counsellor was not the do-gooder advice giving experience I thought it would be. In fact it was more about exposing who I was and shining a light on my own identity being hinged on a messiah complex. Being the saviour for everyone else only separated me from being able to be honest about my feelings with those around me and made me vulnerable to people taking advantage of me. As long as you needed me I could help you but you helping me was not as comfortable for me to accept.

Now, I realise that I was in need of just as much support as those I helped. It was not me verses them, it was me and them together with an understanding that what brought them to my door was the same need I had when I went to my therapist. To be head and to be seen.

Stay Safe, Stay Blessed and Stay Real

Becky West

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