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Combating Negative Self Talk  

For teenagers aged 16 - 18

Saturday 19th February 


This free community class will be an opportunity to experience some of the skills and psychology around negative self talk and how to better support yourself when these thoughts arise. The day will consist of both educational and experimental learning, from the power of deeper listening to the joy of using creativity as a means of self expression. My hope is that you would go away from my class feeling inspired and equipped to both understand and combat negative self talk. 

Listening to your loved one 

For adults who are single, married or divorced.

Monday 21st March 

7 - 8.30pm

Whether married, single or divorced this workshop will help you to learn the transforming power of having deeper and more effective listening skills.


In this free workshop, we will look at what can cause and what can support the fractures in the relationship. We will look at some of the cultural and individual factors that can contribute to unhealthy communication patterns, as well as learning how listening to your partner or loved one more effectively can enable a really safe and creative environment to explore difficult emotions.

Young Couple at Home
Man Carrying Child in Arms

Your at the heart

At the heart of all my workshops is you, whether your a parent looking for support or a young person needing a safe place to process. My hope is that these workshops will build your confidence, creativity and care for your mental health journey.